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Rauðanes - "Red peninsula"

Written 15 October.

Here comes a confession. I had never been to Rauðanes in Þistilfjörður until two days ago

I had been asked several times if I had not been to Rauðanes. I was always embarrassed when I said no. I have gone on countless photo trips to the area, most often to Langanes. I always drove past Rauðanes and thought to myself that I would have to go there soon.

The day before yesterday I went there. Walked for an hour, but the light was not beautiful enough, so I turned around. I did went back there yesterday morning and everything was perfect. Calm, warm, nobody else there and the light was beautiful.

I feel good in an environment like this. Bird cliffs, the noise that accompanies them is like the most beautiful song in my ears. But in mid-October there is almost silence. You can hear the occasional song of the Wren, the warm chatter of the Eider ducks, and then the whistling of the Harlequin ducks, which were many around the peninsula. Two large groups of Purple sandpipers just added to the experience with their coordinated flight. A small open boat broke the silence, sailed out to the fjord and stayed there for a long time. I believe the fisherman has had a glorious time at sea. I started taking some shots with a drone, but stopped immediately. The whine in the drone just ruined the mood.

Rauðanes is known for caves and colorful cliffs. Birdlife is unique. It is relatively easy to walk around it, but it is said to be about 7 km. I took a little detour and the phone map showed that I had walked 10 km. I find that plausible.

I consider it a privilege to live in NE Iceland. Here are some great places to visit. Gorgeous places in Eyjafjörður, Mývatnssveit and Þingeyjarsveit, but Norðurþing is somehow a special favorite. Maybe because there are not too many people there. I'm a bit of a loner. Maybe I should not be admiring Kelduhverfi, Öxarfjörður, Núpasveit, Melrakkaslétta, Rauðanes and Langanes so I will continue to be alone in the world there: D

On the way to Þistilfjörður I drove around Melrakkaslétta. It's roughness is so beautiful. On the way home I took the new highway west of Jökulsá. The"Queen of the mountains" (Herðubreið) shone in the strange glacial light.

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