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Bearded seals in Akureyri

Written in March 2018

We in Akureyri have had a good visitor. The guest is Bearded Seal, but that species does not belong to the Icelandic fauna. The Bearded Seal is a vagrant here, it is likely that it came here from Greenland. Bearded Seals mainly eat shellfish and there is probably something good to eat here in the fjord, because several Bearded Seals come here every year.

A Harbour Seal watched me while filming. Nice to see the difference between these species. Hopefully the seals will stay here as long as possible because they are truly eye-catching and fun to have here in town.

The music is by the great Jazz composer and bassist, Tómas R. Einarsson. Eyþór Gunnarsson and Tómas play the song "Kristín" from the album "Innst inni". Check out Tómas' Spotify Channel or buy in his albums. They are amazing!

It is necessary to watch the video and listen to the music by selecting HD.

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