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Harbor seals

Written in March 2018

When you get an exciting message, you forget everything else.

It was quite early this morning, after I had followed my daughter to school and shovelled the snow from the steps in front of my home. I had the morning coffee in the cup. Brought the phone into the bathroom, just to read the news on my way to the shower. Then I got a message from my friend Lára Sóley Jóhannsdóttir telling me about harbor seals downtown. I got dressed in 5 seconds, left my coffee in the bathroom, put the batteries in the camera and drone and drove downtown. These harbor seals are so curious and fun.

I'm so grateful to my cousin Tómas R for allowing me to use his music for my videos. His music is brilliant. The song Hollíblús is from the album Laxness, which was released in 2012. Davíð Þór, Ómar Guðjóns and Matthías Hemstock play with Tómas.

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